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So 2009 is almost over. I’m strangely optimistic. For me, this decade started in a pretty rough way. I lost my job. My father passed away.The singular upside was that I had also married an awesome woman who unknowingly became my reason for rising above these hard times.

Ultimately, these struggles forced me to grow in ways that I never expected. As the decade zoomed by I returned to school, began playing music in the public eye again, and learned a lot about what I really want out of life.

So what’s the point of this entry? Well, I rarely have one, but since my imaginary reader has asked I guess I’m on the spot.

I think I am finally learning to be thankful for some of the bad things that happen in life, because without them I probably would not have grown. Cliche? Yeah probably, True? Yup! I look forward to the changes that are coming in 2010, even though I now they won’t all be sun-drenched. soul-in love-with-the-world-joy. I look forward to it because I know I will be moving forward.


One response to “2010!

  1. askdonna December 29, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Bravo! Looks like you took leaps and bounds in your growth process. I believe that when things go wrong, there is always a lesson to be learned. Problem is, people don’t usually “get it” You did so celebrate yourself in your new growth of thankfulness.

    I get up each morning and before I get out of my bed I thank my Creator for all that I have. It could be the littlest thing that makes a difference. Thankfullness is a great energy to open up to change. Moving forward is a great thing. We all have to do it or it brings a hault to growth. Good for you. Good luck in your music. Remember the Mind over Matter approach. See yourself where you want to be. Keep that thought in your mind and it will happen. Keep it positive and not negative. I know, I have been doing this for years.

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