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Stage Fright

I stumbled across this book and decided to look into it because I noticed that in my last band nerves sometimes affected by performance.  It seemed to take a few songs to get to a place where I felt comfortable and I rarely felt that I played as well on stage as I did at rehearsal or at home.

This really bugged me because I had begun playing live at a relatively young age and really didn’t seem to have any issues with nerves after my first gig. Why now? I think a large part of it was that I now had a more realistic understanding of my playing. When I was a teenager, I was pretty cocky.  I certainly was nowhere near as good as I thought I was, but I think that cockiness worked like armor to some extent. I found the idea that one has to be cocky to perform well to be less than useful.

Right now I’m about halfway through the book and there are some intriguing methods described. I’m looking forward to testing them out. I’ll post some results at a later date.


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