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Master of ALL TIME!: Using an egg timer to get crap done.

So I went into my man-cave and plugged in my trusty strat “Pablo” with the intention to work on my alternate picking skills. I had decided that if I worked on that area for around 15 minutes or so everyday, I would see results. Brilliant plan, right?

An hour and a half later my beautiful wife, wondering if I was done, knocked on the door. “Lost” was on, we still needed to eat dinner, and we hadn’t spent any quality time together. Even worse, I had a beast of a paper due for one of my English courses and I had to be to work the next day at 8am.

The problem was… I had lost an hour and half and I didn’t get 15 minutes of practice in. I did get an hour and a half of text messaging, Facebook, emails and only a tich of actual pickin’-and-a-grinnin’. Sound familiar?

Behold the glorious solution! The holy egg timer! This inexpensive device has been my savior. I use one to keep me on track for just about everything I do (almost everything).

When practicing, I decide what I am going to work on and for how long before I even start. The timer keeps me on track because it never lies.

I use it for my less productive stuff, too. If a play a video game or surf the web the timer keeps me from burning valuable time that I need for things more important to me.

When I have mentioned using a timer, people often react as if it would be too restricting. Nope. It gives you control,allows you to do what you need and want to do while minimizing the amount of sacrifice involved.

If you don’t want to spend your hard earned dough on one you can use this one for free.

Try it!
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2 responses to “Master of ALL TIME!: Using an egg timer to get crap done.

  1. Shan December 20, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    It is glorious! I use one quite a bit. I am easily distracted and would be lost without it. I also used it when working with my students with autism. Just giving them the phrase, “ok, just one more minute” and showing them the minute on a timer gives them a sense of control over their situation. Usually, by the second or third minute they are ready to move on.

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