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What’s new? A free download that’s what.

So, what’s new? Glad you asked.
There was a bit of a set back with my old dinosaur PC that runs my studio, but thanks to some advice from Rob and some guy named Harish at Microsoft, I’m back up and able to continue polluting the internetz with noise.

My life is a pretty dark place without being able to have laboratory to try new things. Something about writing/recording/practicing quiets the manic voices in my head and my humble studio PC is a big part of that. Thank (insert chosen deity here) that it is working again.
Other good news?
• Rob is working on the drums and bass for a new song we are doing together called, “Two Ton Soul”. I’m really excited to hear what he comes up with for that.
• I am furiously writing 5 new songs and loving it.
• I’m also recording some covers to use as a demo.
• “One Step” is now available as a free song download on ReverbNation. Just click here become a fan and swipe a new tune.

Thanks for reading!


One response to “What’s new? A free download that’s what.

  1. Laurie October 1, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    Hey, rock on, my friend! So glad you and Rob can still do musical adventures together. That’s awesome. 🙂 Hope all is well with you and Becca!
    Love, Laurence

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